Best Game-Improvement Irons Of 2022

There is no doubt that your irons are probably going to be the most expensive golf purchase you are likely to make aside from your annual membership fee. It is therefore imperative that you choose the best golf irons according to your swing and your budget. It is within this category – the best game improvement irons – that you will find clubs that are designed to take the ball up in the air quickly, so that you are able to carry it further. This is due to the fact that stronger lofts are used here to prevent the ball from ballooning up too high so that your trajectories are strong, as well as a balance between distance and stopping power.

Best Game-Improvement Irons Of 2022

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Cobra LTDX Golf Iron Set Review

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ir?t=golf00a0f 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B09QXRQFN1The Cobra LTDx driver features a low spin rate, fast speeds, and an extreme amount of forgiveness in order to provide you with the “longest total distance.”.


Cobra Golf has achieved zero CG for the first time ever in its history with 5200 MOI, which is a record for the company. 5200 MOI can be viewed as a very forgiving club that is highly resistant to twisting when impacting the ball. In a nutshell, this results in a greater level of control and accuracy for the user. As a result of this forgiveness, combined with new features such as PWR-COR technology and the new H.O.T. Face design, the LTDx driver we tested is an easy-to-hit, powerful, and forgiving driver. It offers low spin, medium launch, and high forgiveness.

Different Color Options

There are two different color options available for each of the three Cobra LTDx driver models. Here is a picture of the classic Cobra black and orange model. There is no way you can go wrong with a matte carbon fiber black crown. It not only looks cool, but it also eliminates the glare from the sun on a sunny day. Alternatively, you can choose a navy blue colorway with accents of red and white. In person, it looks pretty sweet, and I really like how it has a blue carbon fiber crown that is quite special. I think that the smoky Cobra “C” for an alignment aid is a nice little touch that is worth noting.

Weight Is Far and As Deep As Possible

It is important to note that the standard LTDx driver has a moderate footprint with a medium depth at address. I would consider it to be a full 460cc that is far from bulbous, though by no means is it a pancake either. The profile is just a nice modern profile for a driver. This design is what I like to refer to as a “contemporary capital D” in terms of its overall shape. The shape of the LTDx series is formed as a result of Cobra extending weight as far and deep as possible in order to create a high moment of inertia.

Traditional Topline

There is one particular aspect of the appearance that I would like to point out, which I believe represents a major improvement over the previous Radspeed driver, which is the topline/face. Radspeed’s Infinity face wraps over its topline, while Cobra’s LTDx has a traditional topline and the face wraps under the leading edge, as opposed to the Radspeed’s Infinity face wrapping over its topline. Therefore, the LTDx is much more appealing at address as a result of the wrap-around face while still keeping the advantages of the unit. I think I find this to be much more appealing to the eye, because it helps to provide more ball speed. Maybe it’s just me, but I like it much better.

How Does It Feel?

In order for a golf club to have a high MOI and a high level of forgiveness, a perfect balance is essential. There is a significant amount of weight added to the head of the Cobra Golf Club thanks to the PWR-COR technology, which is located low and forward just behind the center of the face. Moreover, the fixed weight in the back of the sole is designed to help with elevation and spin as well as to increase the club’s moment of inertia. The lightweight design, with the titanium chassis and 30% more carbon fiber in the head, is the last but not least feature of this product. Because of the lighter weight of these materials, Cobra is able to strategically place all of the weight exactly where they want it for optimal performance and feel.

There was also the introduction of Cobra’s new H.O.T. (Highly Optimized Technology) face. A topology is a big word in the world of golf equipment but it’s a pretty interesting concept! Cobra used machine learning in conjunction with thousands of impact simulations to create a “topology map” of the face, essentially showing the most ideal “peaks and valleys” across the face, based on the data from thousands of simulations. The CNC Milled Infinity face of the driver can be made as thick or as thin as it needs to be in all the right places to make the driver as hot as possible…while still staying within the legal limits as well. Cobra is able to control the thickness of the surface with the highest degree of precision by using computerized milling techniques.

In a nutshell, what does this actually mean for the feel of the Cobra LTDx driver? There is no doubt that the sweet spot is generous and hot, but the heat is pretty consistent across the face. The LTDx driver has a lot of jump, but the feeling is very solid and somewhat muted, despite the fact that there is plenty of jump. It is this feature that makes the feedback from the face feel more precise, which is crucial in a driver that is more forgiving.

How Does It Sound?

As with the feel of the driver, the sound of the Cobra LTDx is solid, muted, and precise as well. The carbon fiber is a lot of what makes up this club head, and it can be heard in the sound as well. Unlike many modern drivers that are characterized by a metallic “pop,” the LTDx has more of a crack similar to the crack of a wooden baseball bat than a metallic “pop.”

Those who are familiar with the pleasant tones of the original Cobra King LTD driver will find the new LTDx to be a welcome return to those pleasant tones. There is almost a snapping sound to shots that are dead off the sweet spot. Like a slingshot and a firm whack at the same time, it is like combining the two.

On-Course Performance

It would be an understatement to say that the Cobra LTDx driver has a long, straight shaft. From a pure data perspective, this is by far and away the longest driver I have tested this season. I do not wish to rehash the benefits of the technologies I have already discussed, but I can say for sure that the design is certainly effective. After a few repeated and fairly easy swings, I found that I could pierce the stock launch with a slight rise and a dead straight shot. One of the things that stood out the most to me was how accommodating the H.O.T. Face was. Despite missing the sweet spot on a few shots, those shots still stayed on their line thanks to the higher MOI of the LTDx. As well as that, I also noticed that those same shots had minimal speed loss, if any speed loss at all. There is no doubt that extreme toes and heels are a whole other story, but I was definitely not required to be a dead nut in the center of the face to achieve maximum results.

It is obvious that shaft selection will impact launch and spin quite a bit, but I feel that a mid-launch and low spin is a fair claim to make for this LTDX driver. As far as my launch angle was concerned, I was quite comfortable with my mid-trajectory which I was able to control according to where I wanted it to go. As far as my spin goes, I was just a tad short of what I would consider more on the medium side for me, but I think the shaft I tested with may have contributed to this, and the results were overall pretty good for me.

Summary – Cobra LTDX Driver Review

The history I have with Cobra drivers over the past decade has been quite extensive. Over the years, I have relied on a Cobra driver as my gaming driver more than once. As a result, I feel pretty confident in making the statement that the new LTDx driver is one of the best they have produced in recent history, and it certainly ranks as one of the best they have ever produced. I found it very easy to hit a long way and accurate at the same time.


It is important to note that all three LTDx driver models utilize the same technologies. It is recommended that players looking for assistance in straightening out that slice and getting the ball to fly up in the air carrying should take a look at the LTDx MAX (draw bias, high launch, low-mid spin). Those of you with powerful swings and who are seeking a more workable golf club may be more suited to the LTDx LS model due to its low launch, low spin characteristics. I promise you that there is something for everyone in the LTDx driver lineup from Cobra Golf, and they are absolute distance machines that will blow you away.

Callaway Rogue ST Max Iron Review

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ButtonAmazonOrangeir?t=golf00a0f 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B09KNVKX7QCallaway’s Rogue ST MAX irons are designed to be the longest iron Callaway has ever created.  Having a large, confident-inspiring profile is a great asset. Huge forgiveness to 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B09KNV2CDV

In the world of golf equipment nerds, it’s easy to forget what is at the core of what most golfers desire from all their clubs, and that’s more distance. The new Rogue ST MAX irons from Callaway, on the other hand, are designed with the desires and needs of the recreational golfer in mind.  There is plenty of forgiveness in the longer Rogue ST iron as well as loads of distance.


There is no step up in size from the Callaway Rogue ST Pro irons when compared to the Callaway Rogue ST MAX irons, rather there is a whole flight of stairs between the two. An iron with this type of performance will transform your game in a big, unapologetic way. As far as offset is concerned, they have a considerable amount of it, and their top line is very thick as well.  I think the only thing that does not feel big about this blade is the blade length, though it is clearly longer than the Pro blade.

Rogue ST MAX irons are easily recognizable as Callaway products when they are in the bag.  There are three sections in the deep cavity, with the middle section covered in a contrasting black color in contrast to the other two sections.  It is important to note that each branding element – the Callaway logo, Rogue ST, and MAX – on each shoe is of a tasteful size, but their framing and placement do provide a sense of visual emphasis.

Sound and Feel

As a result of the Callaway Rogue ST MAX irons focusing on distance and having a large head, I was expecting to hear a loud booming sound every time I struck the ball. There was a pleasant surprise for me when I discovered that contact produces a low-pitched sound with an adequate volume even though it is just ahead of average. The sound of a pure strike is accompanied by a satisfying snap, but a mishit produces a noticeable dulling of the sound.

This club provides a very stable feel for the player on the course, which covers most minor misses with ease.  It is only when you are far off target that you begin to feel the impact of a miss in your hands.  It feels a little between solid and explosive when a good strike lands, which is a good match for the sound.


Despite the fact that irons have been producing serious ball speed for several years, I can’t help but feel my eyes pop when I see a smash factor with a 6I over 1.45 which is quite impressive. It is great to see Callaway continue to push forward with their artificial intelligence designed Flash Face Cup, and the results are remarkable. I have found that centered shots take off like a spooked deer, and misses hardly lose anything.  A Rogue ST MAX is the best iron out there in terms of smash factor because mishits with it are better than centered shots with some other traditional irons.

As Callaway knows that speed alone cannot create distance, they use up to 62 grams of tungsten in each head in order to optimize the center of gravity of the club. In addition, each of the faces has also been designed to produce consistent spin, even if you miss the sweet spot on the face. As a result, the launch and spin numbers obtained are extremely robust. No matter how you strike it, the Rogue ST MAX will launch at a medium trajectory with relatively low spin regardless of how you strike it.  As a result, every shot that is fired carries a long, long distance.

Last but not least, the Rogue ST MAX iron is a very stable iron at impact. I have already mentioned that you can hit it all over the face, which will result in good ball speed and a consistent launch and spin. Another important factor is that mishits tend to hold their line. It is unlikely that you will feel the club head twist unless you strike the ball off the grooves of the club head. Due to its stability, in combination with its lower spin rate, the Rogue ST MAX iron is an excellent point and shoot iron.


When it comes to irons, you can’t go wrong with the Callaway Rogue ST MAX irons if you’re looking for something that will help you hit your approach shots longer, straighter, and more consistently than ever. The irons produce tremendous ball speed regardless of whether you consistently hit the sweet spot or not. You can enjoy a stress-free approach game when you are fitted with the proper shaft and specs.

Cleveland Launcher XL Irons Review

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ButtonAmazonOrangeIt is the aim of the Cleveland Launcher XL irons to make golf more fun by emphasizing distance and forgiveness. A truly solid feel and typical GI-style looks make this an excellent choice for anyone.

Cleveland’s Launcher XL line is centered around the theme of having fun.  It’s clear they’re targeting the vast majority of golfers who do not have a single-digit handicap and are trying to infuse their rounds with more enjoyable shots for the majority of them.  It is with a blend of hollow body and cavity back irons that the Launcher XL irons achieve that. The hollow body irons will make your long shots go farther and the cavity back irons will make your short shots more precise.


On the surface, the Cleveland Launcher XL irons straddle the line between being an improvement over the game and a super improvement over the game.  In addition to having a fairly thick top line, they have a generous amount of offset as well.  In my opinion, the “XL” designation in the name is really reflected in the blade length, which I noticed to be noticeably longer than the average for a blade of this size.

There is a busier look to the Launcher XLs when they are in their bags, which is typical of the GI category. A mix of matte silver, chrome, black, as well as blue can be found on the back of the club. While I think the overall design is a little too much for my taste, I actually found the blue to be refreshing after seeing so many companies abandon color in recent years. In terms of design, the set stands out with the hollow body design of the four to the seven irons, as well as the cavity back design of the short irons.

Sound and Feel

It is surprising how solid the Cleveland Launcher XL feels. While it isn’t going to be confused for a forged blade, it’s miles from the thin feel you might think it would have. As a result, the strong feel pairs well with the medium volume “clap” that makes up the impact sound.

There are a lot of similarities in terms of both sound and feel across the face of the device. A good strike will be obvious to your hands, whereas a poor strike will not be, but all the shots in between can be muddled if you are not paying very close attention!


It was Cleveland’s goal to design the Launcher XL irons to give golfers maximum distance and maximum fun and they certainly achieved both of those goals. Within the first few swings, I was able to see that distance as well as forgiveness would be evident.

In testing the Launcher XL irons, I was able to find that the ball speed on the launch monitor was very good, bordering on elite.  The combination of a ball with this type of trajectory and a spin rate below average creates a combination that facilitates very long distances.  As far as low spin irons go, Cleveland did a good job of not going overboard with it – I saw a few run out with these irons, but overall, they were still very playable.

With a bigger head, their highest MOI ever, and MainFrame variable face technology, Cleveland has created forgiveness in this club. Having variable face thickness has the advantage of keeping ball speed up, even if you are not hitting the center of the face when you strike the ball. If you are striking the heel or toe of the club, and the club does not twist wildly when you strike, then you can clearly see the benefit of the high MOI.  The end result is that mishits are more likely to fly on line, and at a distance that is closer to the distance of pure strikes.

Earlier I mentioned that the Cleveland Launcher XL irons are a progressive set of irons.  There are two types of long irons: hollow body irons (4-7) and cavity back irons (8-DW). It is also important to note that the grooves are progressive.  The grooves in the long irons are wider and flatter in order to keep the spin as low as possible.  The Cleveland short irons utilize a wedge-style groove that provides more spin and more stopping power than Cleveland’s standard irons.

Last but not least, the Launcher XL irons in the standard version come with an eight gram counterweight in the grip of the club as a standard feature.  The swing weight will be lowered as a result, resulting in it feeling lighter and easier to swing.  The Cleveland Accuracy Build specs are also available with this set, which would shorten each shaft one half inch and remove the counterbalance of each shaft.


The Cleveland Launcher XL irons are a great option for the new or recreational golfer looking to make the game more fun, as they offer plenty of forgiveness and distance as well as an affordable price point. Thanks to Cleveland’s smart progressive design, even players with a mid-handicap can enjoy this set and get the most out of it.

TaylorMade Stealth Irons Review

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ButtonAmazonOrangeDesigned to launch high, to be long, and to be forgiving, TaylorMade Stealth irons are a great choice.

An amazing look and a wonderful feeling at the same time.

As much attention is being paid to the new TaylorMade Stealth drivers, it would be easy to overlook the new TaylorMade irons that have been released. As I found out, however, that would be a huge mistake. I guess this is what their Stealth name implies – irons that fly under the radar, so to speak.


Regarding the looks, I would like to give a round of applause to TaylorMade for the new Stealth irons and their great overall design. The top line does still have some thickness and there is a moderate amount of offset, but that is to be expected when it comes to game improvement irons. In terms of aesthetics, the beauty of the cavity can be found in its design.

I like how the Stealth irons look in the bag, they have a clean, modern style to them.look. In the design of the cavity, there are geometric shapes and parallel lines that provide a harmonious balance. The swath of carbon fiber weave is befitting of the Steaname due to its technological intrigue. The font that has been designed for the Stealth family is a picture perfect representation of the Stealth brand.

Sound and Feel

It is without a doubt that the TaylorMade Stealth irons have the best softness out of any irons I have ever used.incredible. There was something so unexpected about the feel that I had a few other golfers hit a few balls just to make sure that my hands were not deceiving me – and they weren’t. It is TaylorMade’s echo dampening system which enables these clubs to produce that feel of “forged iron.” Hidden inside each club head, there is an embedded strip of soft polymer that absorbs vibrations, resulting in a soft tactile feeling.

The Stealth irons were quite pleasant in terms of sound and they produced a nice ‘snap’ when in contact with the ball. As strikes wavered towards the edges of the face, there was a loss of crispness in the sound.


As I re-read my field notes when writing this review, I noticed that the first entry was “high – late peak.”

It is true that I was hitting into a blustery wind, however, I found that the “high” aspect of the Stealth irons remained true throughout the set as I moved up and down the set. For a more controlled test, I visited Club Champion in order to gather empirical data and, sure enough, the launch angle and the height of the launch were impressive. It was also surprising to find that the distances were also quite strong.

There is a tendency for manufacturers to strengthen lofts in order to increase distance. As for the loft of the Stealth 7 iron, it also falls within the 28° range. What makes TaylorMade’s product unique is that by moving the mass from the toe to the sole of the golf club, the company was able to engineer high launch. That combination resulted in a distance of about 6 iron with a height of about 8 iron for me.

Furthermore, the placement of the mass along the sole of the club contributes to the ball being more forgiving on thin shots as well. In order to improve my game, I have been working on not lifting my upper body through the strike zone, but even when I have not been able to do that, the Stealth irons were still able to launch the ball into the air. With TaylorMade’s time-tested Thru-Slot Speed Pocket design, TaylorMade continues to provide players with a tool to help maintain ball speed during mishits with a low face.

At 66 grams, the stock regular flex graphite shafts were a bit lighter than what I usually game with, so there were plenty of opportunities to evaluate non-centered strikes with the stock shafts.  I think this is an excellent reminder to pay attention to shaft specs – and even better, to get fit before you play.  However, the TaylorMade Stealth irons displayed above average forgiveness relative to performance, and that is the most important aspect.



I have to say that, after testing the new TaylorMade Stealth irons, I am inclined to agree with the opening tag line on the Stealth irons web page: “Expect better shots more often.”.

When you combine the amazing feel of the TaylorMade Stealth irons with a great price, the TaylorMade Stealth irons deserve a few minutes of your time if you are in the market for new game improvement tools or SGI irons.

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