Best Golf Drills For Consistency

What is the Golf Towel Drill?

The other day, I saw another golfer who was practicing with a long towel under both armpits. An instructor on the Golf Channel used a small towel underneath his right arm, but not both arms.

Should the towel be placed under both arms or just the right arm when practicing?

Why is this drill important?

In this article, we will cover everything about one of the golf towel drills you can use to improve your consistency, rhythm, and connection.

Develop Synchronization, Rhythm, and Connection

Golf swing synchronization, rhythm, and connection are developed with this drill.

Using a large towel, roll it up the long way. Put it under each arm and behind your back. Once you have a wedge in hand, with the towel under each arm, make easy backswings of three-quarters of an inch.

Turn your body and swing your arms. As a result, your swing will be balanced, rhythmic, and most importantly, synchronized.

You should be able to keep the towel in place if you do this correctly. It is important to note that if this is not done correctly, the towel will fall out, meaning you are no longer connected. 

Develop Consistency and Distance Control

Consistency and distance control are created by this drill. 

Putting it under the right arm will prevent the right arm from disconnecting after impact and releasing down the target line. Inside-out swingers are more likely to display this type of inconsistency.

Other Golf Swing Drills

Different drills are available for different problems.

Find a local teaching professional if you can’t fix something in your swing by yourself. They can diagnose the problem and teach you the right drills to fix it.


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