Callaway Chrome Soft vs Chrome Soft X Ball Review

In this video, professional golfer Sophie Walker provides a complete Callaway Chrome Soft vs Chrome Soft X Ball review, looking closely at the differences and benefits of both, while explaining the types of players each of these balls is aimed at.

We provide a detailed review of various Callaway golf balls below, but in case you are in a hurry and just need to get your hands on some ASAP, here are direct links to the ones reviewed.

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Callaway HEX Tour Soft 24 Golf Balls: View on Amazon
Callaway Hex Control Golf Balls: View on Amazon
Callaway Hex Soft Golf Balls: View on Amazon
Callaway 2016 Diablo Tour: View on Amazon
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Callaway Chrome Soft vs Chrome Soft X Ball Review

Callaway Golf Chrome Soft Golf Balls

Before the Chrome Soft, Callaway’s greatest performing tour balls had been the (i) sequence of golf balls. The (i) sequence were fantastic golf balls which performed very well, with the only disadvantage being a slim coverage which tended to scrape away, as well as scratch quickly. With the all-new Chrome Soft, Callaway called for a lot of the things which generated more excellence and enhancement on several of the various other problematic features.

The Chrome Soft itself is actually comprised of four distinct pieces. For starters, it actually has a two-piece SoftFast Core which provides the ball with a very gentle feel while at the same time providing for amazing distance. Next, are the two layers which make up the inside layer and the cover. The coverage is actually made of Urethane for improved texture, along with a graphite substance, is employed with the Urethane level to produce a lot of greenside spin.

Similarly to the Titleist ProV1 as well as the ProV1X, the Callaway Chrome Soft additionally is available in a greater flying and longer selection known as the Chrome Soft X. Many colors and styles provide golfers a higher visibility option.

Callaway Golf ERC Soft Triple Track Golf Balls

Super distance and tour like softness usually don’t go together, though Callaway’s ERC Soft actually can do both. But how’s Callaway in a position to do that? Well, it all starts off with a four piece build which contains dual covers and a dual-core.

The Dual Core is actually akin to the Chrome Soft but has a diverse combination to assist with storage and put out energy for much more distance. One of the brand new components which could be discovered in the center of the ERC Soft is actually Graphene. Another interior layer helps create spin on quick iron photos and wedges.

Interestingly, Callaway has transformed up the coverage on the ERC Soft and also went with a hybrid cover which uses many components to develop a soft texture and outstanding spin. Golfers shouldn’t detect a lot of a distinction between the brand new hybrid cover and traditional Urethane. An additional characteristic of the coverage is actually a triple track alignment tool to assist golfers line up and sink a lot more putts.

Callaway HEX Tour Soft 24 Golf Balls

The crown jewel of Callaway’s newest golf ball line-up, known as Hex, is actually the top performing Tour Soft.

Engineered with a three piece construction, the Callaway Hex Tour Soft has been created to function very well for amateur golfers. A big single core is the key to amazing distance and ball velocity. A core this big would usually be found on a 2-piece golf ball, but Callaway causes it to be work in the 3-piece construction.

Perhaps the best point about the Hex Tour Soft is actually the spin separation. This means that small to no spin is going to be seen on long irons and the driver, but substantial quantities of spin is found on short iron shots and wedge. A best ball for golfers that have difficulty with a slice off the tee.

Shots into receptive greens must easily check up and prevent because of a Surlyn Cover. This particular type of cover also helps boost the general durability of the Hex Tour Soft. Therefore a lot less scraping from cart paths or maybe trees must keep the ball of yours in play more.

Callaway Hex Control Golf Balls

It appears that the Hex lineup truly does have a golf ball to help you fix just about any issue. And the same as a number of other Callaway Hex Control reviews status, the Hex Control will help you hit much more precise shots. To complete this pinpoint accuracy, the Hex Control utilizes a few different features.

First up is actually the Core. With a compression rating of around hundred, the primary feels soft but tactile. It enables golfers to sense the ball more efficiently on the clubface allowing for even more workability. The next portion of the situation is actually the Trionomer cover. While it’s not really a Urethane Cover it also creates excellent quantities of spin for greenside shots.

The last information which usually gets overlooked is actually Hex Dimple Aerodynamics. Every one of Callaway’s Hex golf balls have this particular style of dimples, however the Hex Controls dimples are actually in a pattern which encourages a piercing ball flight for greater workability as well as wind resistance.

Callaway Hex Soft Golf Balls

A super soft feeling golf ball is one thing that nearly every golfer enjoys. Today you are able to buy a very soft ball with great forgiveness and distance because of the Callaway Hex Soft. Made with two piece construction, it’s ideal for mid to increased handicap golfers.

All the gentle feel of the Hex Soft is actually produced in the very low compression core. While no real compression rating is provided it’s assumed to be very minimal and most likely around anywhere between fifty and sixty. So in case you’ve a slower swing velocity, the Hex Soft might be the heel for you!

Spin rates around greens are actually a bit lower than some other higher end options. One reason behind this’s that the Ionomer coverage has much more longevity as well as less grip than a similar Urethane coverage.

Callaway 2016 Diablo Tour

While it may be an older version, the Callaway Diablo Tour is nevertheless a fan favorite which can contend with also the highest performing golf balls.

With Callaway’s rebranding, the Diablo Tour was discontinued as well as replaced with the Hex Diablo (covered later in the guide). During the time of creation, the Diablo Tour was an extremely popular golf ball because of its excellent texture and performance that is excellent. The crucial to its performance as well as feel was the specific three piece construction.

The Diablo Tour utilizes a unique core referred to by Callaway as a Power Core. This particular type of center has a very soft center which progressively gets more difficult near the edges. Because of the power Core, golfers will encounter improved distance through less spin on long irons and drives.

Hex Aerodynamics makes up the geometry of the dimples on the cover of the Diablo Tour. Specifically, the Hex dimples allow for a much more penetrating ball flight which has less drag than corresponding three-piece golf balls. The dimple design additionally increases spin on short iron shots and wedge.

Callaway Diablo Lady Golf Balls

If perhaps you’re a woman and are actually tired of playing inferior female’s golf balls, it is some time to change to the Callaway Diablo Lady.

Numerous ladies’ golf balls are just merely two portion golf balls with lesser compressions sold to female golfers. Callaway determined to offer females the option of a far better golf ball with the Diablo Lady. Rather than the typical two portion building, the Diablo Lady has a three piece building akin to the Diablo Tour.

Callaway maintained the center of the ball much like the first Diablo Tour but altered the compression to really make it much more in line with female’s swing speeds. This compression change also tends to make the Diablo Lady feel smooth with a gentle touch.

Regarding the coverage, the Diablo Lady has an Ionomer coverage which is actually included in dimples were shaped by Hex. This coverage and dimple style cuts down unnecessary spin from drives but allows for spin within the greens. The Diablo Lady is actually the very best performing golf ball focused towards females.

Callaway Golf HEX Diablo Golf Balls

Meet the all new Callaway Hex Diablo, the heel which takes the overall performance from the first Callaway Diablo and also improves upon it.

Regardless of the Hex Diablo taking a lot of its overall style and performance from the first Diablo golf ball, you will find a number of improvements. Probably the most apparent is actually that the Hex Diablo is currently a two-piece golf ball instead of a three piece. This particular change was made to come up with the golf ball that is a bit more affordable and a lot more attractive to increased handicap golfers.

An essential component of why the Hex Diablo remains a great ball is actually because of the all new S Tech Core. Using this center, the Hex Diablo could better absorb electricity at impact and fight sidespin as the heel flies towards the target of yours. One drawback to the S Tech core is actually that’s somewhat more challenging compared to several additional golf balls in Callaway’s lineup.

A bit of softness and spin are present in these balls because of a specific Trionomer cover which is included with Hex Aerodynamics. And the same as the first Diablo, the Hex Diablo has an extremely piercing flight path that’s very good for amateur golfers.

Callaway Golf SuperSoft Golf Balls

Sometimes golf ball names are a bit perplexing, but with Callaway’s redesigned SuperSoft golf ball, the title says it all.

Soft golf balls generally tread a good line between excessive softness and not enough distance. Somehow Callaway figured out a method to have a very gentle feeling two piece golf ball which also offers superb distance. A lot of the SuperSoft’s texture and flight attributes come from a specific Ultra Low Compression Core.

Even though the compression is actually really low, the center is also in a position to attain substantial initial ball speeds which allow it to fly more than a comparable very low compression ball. Like Callaway’s other two portion golf balls, the SuperSoft has a Trionomer coverage.

A good thing about the SuperSoft is the fact that the Hex dimples are actually set up in a manner that encourages a greater ball flight with fewer drag. This will also help with distance and can certainly truly help golfers that might otherwise have difficulty getting the ball into the air.

Callaway SuperHot 70 Golf Balls

If you are wanting to super-charge your game and are a mid-handicapper, you absolutely have to check out the Callaway SuperHot golf ball!

Among the many, many Callaway golf balls, the SuperHot somehow often gets forgotten, although the precise performance of the SuperHot lends it the ability to be an excellent golf ball for mid-handicappers, as the SuperHot has been made exclusively for mid-handicappers!

A primary compression of 70 is absolutely ideal for those golfers who have a swing velocity of approximately 90 mph, and the core of this golf ball model is uniquely soft but not over-pronounced. Distance off the tee is very good because of the hugely reduced internal coverage whirling.

Just like all of the newer Callaway balls, the SuperHot also has Hex Dimples in a pattern designed to encourage lower flight and better resist spin than other golf balls.

Callaway Hex Bite Golf Balls

Want to get your game to a higher level? Check out the Callaway Hex Bite golf ball, which will give you very high performance and accuracy! Who doesn’t just absolutely love a golf ball that can do that for them?

With the Hex Bite, tee shots go through the air with less spin than a typical golf ball that is tour style, and this ball is perfect for golfers who want to get on a lot more fairways!

The Callaway Hex Bite golf ball gives a golfer great distance, as well as green-grabbing control. The 3-piece performance gives tour-level spin all around the green, as well as more distance off the tee.

The Hext Bite has a combo. of a high-energy core that is soft with an inner cover to dramatically lower spin off the driver, which increases both accuracy and distance.

Additionally, the soft outer cover helps to generate tour-level spin for shorter shots, thus generating precision control. The aerodynamics of the Hex Bite definitely optimizes ball flight even in a large range of wind conditions.

Callaway Warbird Golf Ball

The Warbird is another more aged Callaway golf ball that Callway has given a total redesign while at the same time keeping many prior features that many golfers love.

Each and every golf ball manufacturer has a super-economical two-piece ball that is all about distance. For Callaway, the Warbird is that ball. The Warbird features a gigantic core that allows the ball to fly much further than others.

One downside to the Warbird’s large distance core is that it is a little on the hard side. Golfers, as a result, will feel the Warbird on the face of their clubs way more easily than the softer golf balls. This isn’t really a huge issue but may be something that golfers who prefer to play a softer ball, especially a Callaway tour golf ball, should be aware of.

Greenside spin is adequate thanks to the Trionomer cover. The cover also does a great job at increasing carry distance through low overall drag. Because of its very affordable price, the Warbird is a true value ball.


Callaway Golf SuperSoft Golf Balls

The names of all of the available golf balls can be quite confusing at times, although the Callaway SuperSoft golf ball is just THAT…Super Soft!

Soft golf balls can sometimes be TOO soft and thus don’t provide enough distances for a lot of golfers. Callaway has, however, identified a way to get that super-soft characteristic while at the same time giving a golfer optimum distance. Quite a bit of the flight and feel characteristics originate from Callaway’s ultra-low compression core which, although super-low, also gives a golfer the ability to achieve high ball speeds, allowing the ball to fly for a longer distance than a comparable low-compression golf ball.

Callaway SuperHot 70 Golf Balls

If you are a mid-handicapper who wants a super-charged golf game, consider the Callaway SuperHot golf ball!

Among the many, many Callaway golf balls available, the SuperHot sometimes gets lost. Although it it may be very easy to overlook the SuperHot, we do have to note that the targeted performance it provides is what makes this particular golf ball so great! The SuperHot blends a three-piece construction with a two-piece feel when the ball is used, that makes it a great ball for mid-handicappers!

The core compression comes in at 70 which is perfect for golfers with a swing speed around 90 mph. The core also gives the ball a distinct softness that isn’t over-pronounced. Distance is very good especially off the tee thanks to a lower spinning inner cover.

Just like all the other new Callaway golf balls, the Superhot comes with Hex Dimples. In the Superhot’s case, the dimples come in a pattern that promotes a lower flight that resists spin better than some other 3 piece golf balls.

Feel, accuracy, and distance all come together when you are talking about the new Callaway SuperHot!

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