Cobra King Tour Iron Review! Get the Scoop Here!

Cobra King Tour Iron Review! Get the Scoop Here!

The latest Cobra King Tour Irons use the Metal Injected Molding (MIM) innovation found in the label’s wedges to generate a soft-feeling, precisely-shaped player’s iron that provides unparalleled consistency through the set.

Cobra says they have crafted an iron that is “softer than any of the forged offerings on the market” by utilizing their MIM technology in the new King Tour irons.

After two years of utilizing the technology to develop softer, more accurate heads in their King MIM wedges, Cobra Golf has released the King Tour irons with MIM Technology, a methodology which they assert produces unsurpassed consistency across the set.

These latest player’s irons blend a tour cavity back with meticulous shaping and the unbelievably soft feel that better golfers want. This is the first time Cobra has implemented the Metal Injected Molding technology to a complete set of irons and they state it has reinvented the method by which premium irons are constructed and fashioned.

What is Molten Injection Moulding (MIM) Technology?

Each iron head is produced utilizing a blend of 304 stainless steel metal powder, which is then heated and introduced into a mold.

During the sintering procedure, the metal is heated to a greater temperature than forgings (1340°C vs. 1200°C), achieving a tighter-aligned grain architecture that ensures the greatest level of accuracy and soft feel, rivalling that of carbon steel forgings.

The last phase involves hand-polishing to provide the flawless satin finish. While numerous forgings necessitate moderate polishing to eliminate excess elements, MIM technology requires only subtle polishing to ensure the shape is consistent from set to set.

What other technological advances are found in the Cobra King Tour Irons?

A tungsten weight in the toe helps to position the centre of gravity behind the hitting zone to aid forgiveness and stability at impact to help keep the ball on target, to produce a controlled trajectory and make it easier to keep the ball on the fairway.

There’s also a soft thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) insert behind the hitting zone to help dampen vibrations and create that soft buttery feel you expect from a player’s iron at impact.

Each of the Cobra Irons also has what Cobra is calling the Cobra Connect technology. Powered by Arccos, smart grips on each iron can be synced with the Arccos Caddie so that you can track your shot data and rapidly improve your game.ach set of irons includes a 90-day free trial of the Arccos Caddie app.

What lofts are accessible for the Cobra King Tour irons?

The irons are available in a 4-PW set in right hand only. A 3-iron and gap wedge are available to be added to the tailoring process via a custom order.

Irons tend to be aimed at better players, so the lofts aren’t too strong. The 3-iron is 20º, 4-iron 23º, 5-iron 26º, 6-iron 29º, 7-iron 33º, 8-iron 37º, 9-iron 41º, pitching wedge 45º and gap wedge 50º.

What are the Cobra King Tour Irons grip and shaft options?

The shafts of the iron come standard with stiff or regular flex steel KBS – Taper 120 shafts , along with a black Cobra Lamkin Crossline Connect grip. Upgraded shafts and grips are, of course, available through custom-fitting.

Summary and Conclusion: Cobra King Tour Iron

What Cobra has created in the Tour is a spectacular-looking player’s iron with a very soft feeling. Additionally, the new MIM (Metal Injection Moulding) technology is more consistent and will be lost on many, but surely it won’t be long before more irons are produced this way.

We love the head’s straight lines, compact dimensions and completely simple and exquisite overall appearance. The set flows superbly, and seriously great golfers will enjoy how there appears to be miniscule levels of offset in the short irons.

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