Easy Senior Golf Swing Tips You MUST See

Easy Senior Golf Swing Tips You MUST See

The dynamics and motion of the contemporary swing, which is much more physically challenging than before, are challenging, if not completely impossible, with a stiff back, dicky knees and aging battle injuries. Yet few golf books demonstrate any insight into how to conform contemporary instruction to us old ‘uns.

Don January – a fantastic golfer with an incredible swing – stated that as he got older and his build and body shifted, it necessitated him to modify his swing every few years because of…

    1. Diminished power and restricted mobility – as our stamina and ease of motion dwindle, we must adjust to get the distance we need, particularly off the tee.
      Bad habits – these creep in as we strive to compensate.
    2. So, it boils down to making the most of what we have, what we understand and how we use our knowledge. 

Less is certainly more

By this, I mean using less of your back and more in your swing. The decreased capacity to turn back need not influence the strength of your swing.

Like with throwing a ball, it’s the action of the arms following the movement that affects how far it travels. I can confidently suggest, that poor follow-throughs are usually the consequence of what has gone before.

There is a misconception that some golfers have that a bigger shoulder turn on the way back means a longer golf shot. It doesn’t always mean that there is more chance of something going wrong” means there is more chance of something going wrong. 

With some slight changes to your stance and ball position you can influence and improve your follow-through. Try to open your front foot by up to 30 per cent in order to achieve a wider and fuller follow-through, and also consider working on your follow-through after striking the ball.

Expand the circle of power

Loss of full movement can either cause a loss of turn or loss of power in extreme cases. I agree with the claim that a better way to do this is to find a better way to transfer your weight.This could be understood as a different way of describing a way of creating an extended circle of power.  You can make this golf swing technique more efficient by shifting virtually your whole weight onto your back foot on your backswing and shifting back down and through the ball on your follow-through.

As with throwing a ball, the weight should also move from the back to the front foot as your hips, torso and chest rotate through the ball before your shoulders are well ahead of the delivery position.

Hybrids suit a senior golfer’s swing.

You only need to look at the images taken in the 1970s showing the 3-iron next to the latest hybrid to see why, for so many of us, the hybrid club has replaced the long iron to this day. Not only are they much easier to hit, they are also more versatile to use due to the fact that not only can you play them out of the semi-rough, you can also chip with them (when chipping with a sand wedge) as well as use them on long bunker shots.  

When swinging, imagine you’re hitting your golf ball as you would with a fairway wood. The ball position should be slightly further back in the stance which will allow a lower angle of attack that will create a shallower divot.

Rely on the chip and run playing strategy

Exceptions to this rule are when you have an obstacle in front of you, such as a rough or a bunker, then you should take the easy option and run the ball in. It is noteworthy that the process is so much easier to control. In my experience as a golfing professional, I find that the shape of the head of the club makes it much easier to achieve a consistent strike on the ball.

It is worth remembering that hybrids are a little longer than mid-irons, so it is better to grip slightly higher than your normal grip as this will prevent you from gripping too low. If you grip too low, you will almost certainly lose feel during the swing. As with the rest of the shots you made in the past, you have to make sure that you take good posture and stand tall with the majority of your weight remaining on your forward foot and you have to be sure to hold the ball in the middle of the stance when you make this shot.

The greenside splash shot

The perfect bunker shot is made up of a sequence of rhythmic explosion. It is just about set-up and follow-through. No matter how you do it, if you set up correctly and attack the sand together with your follow-through motion, then you will be successful. The majority of failures are caused by quitting on the shot too soon.

Having your weight more on your front foot will create a slightly steeper downswing, which in turn will enable you to take the sand first, and then the ball, giving you a more efficient shot where the club will take care of the work. It is recommended that you never try to lift the ball out of the bunker by flicking your hands at impact. In his book Golf My Way, Jack Nicklaus advises that when one decides how hard to hit a bunker shot, one should imagine the shot you would play if it were twice as far if you were chipping it from grass.

Chipping method

If you want to chip the ball well, then I recommend keeping your weight constant at least 60% on your front foot when you make your swing. Hands should work in tandem with one another, not independent. There should be no snapping out or flicking movement of the bottom hand. Grip over two to three inches of the shaft to ensure more control and aim at the place where you want the ball to land.

In other words, create a movement similar to a pendulum that allows the backswing to be the same length as the follow-through. Most poor chipping is due to the fact that golfers move their legs too much. This type of movement should be minimized at all costs with the swing movement solely induced by the arms and shoulders.

Putting tips

In order to be consistent in your putting you need to have that solid platform, which means developing good posture. Bend from the waist in such a way that the spine and shoulders are able to have a pendulum movement that will not create unnecessary movement in the rest of the body. In order to hit the ball with the correct eye-hand-ball setting you should place your eyes over the stationary ball or as close to it as you can with the ball fractionally forward of center to ensure a slightly upward strike.

As we get older, we are more prone to poor alignment, and therefore putts are missed, so here are some ideas to try:

    1. Go ahead and line up the putterhead first. You should only take up your stance once you are confident that the putter is lined up correctly.
    2. As we age one of our eyes can become weaker than the other- find out which eye is working best by taking a simple vision test by closing your left and right eye in turn, just to see which eye works best for you.
    3. Set the shoulders. They should be square to the line. Set a spot on the line and aim your shot accordingly.

To improve the impact of the hit, consider hitting the wall.

The idea here is to position your body in such a way as to replicate the position you should be in when you strike the ball. Position yourself facing the wall with your leading foot facing the wall. Take your normal backswing and then go ahead and hit the wall (again gently of course). You have to make sure that your chest faces the wall during impact. This will enable you to feel the correct position of the shoulders and chest at the time of impact.

The closeness of the wall indicates any erroneous movements that you make during your backswing as you will discover it challenging, if not impossible, to resume the proper impact location. Why not endeavor to make this motion a component of your pre-shot routine or at least visualise the motion during your training swing?

Removing additional leg motion on chips

To assist in removing excess leg motion, take your usual pose, then shift your back foot 12 inches behind your front foot. Your load is now automatically advanced onto your front leg. Swing back with your hands and arms, maintaining your top arm straight.

As you take the club back with your hands and arms, notice how much easier and effortless that is. Swing down and through going towards the target, keeping your lower arm straight on your follow through, and your head and chest as well on your follow through.

Learn how to prevent shanking

First take a wedge and then extend the shaft using an alignment stick. Grip the club with the extension of the club resting against the front of your body. You have to swing back and through making sure that the shaft extension doesn’t leave your side as you do so.

This assures that your hands remain prior to the club head and your torso turns properly, preventing you from flicking the club at impact with your hands. Your head and chest will follow through as you swing through.

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