How To Hold A Golf Club Properly – 3 Things You Should Consider!

In this week’s video we show you how to build the perfect grip and discuss the 3 things you should consider when building this grip! We also provide you with a test you can do to actually make sure you grip is in fact perfect!

How To Hold A Golf Club Properly – 3 Things You Should Consider!

As you might know, it’s now springtime; this’s the best time to take out the golf clubs of yours and start swinging them. Something that you will be certain of is actually this season is actually a totally new season, a fresh start for you to play.

Probably the most important factor of golf is just how you hold the golf club. Remember when you’re trying out various hand positions that you should not hold a golf club the “proper” way in case it means it is going to cause you discomfort. You need to begin by holding the golf club face open to the ball. If perhaps you’re a righty, place the left hand of yours on the club first and grip it with a moderate grip. Make certain that there’s ample room at the top of the club to ensure that you are able to put the right hand of yours on. When you’ve the club with the left hand of yours, place the right hand of yours on the club and ensure that ring fingers, middle, and your pinky cover the thumb of your left hand. If perhaps you’re a lefty, simply switch hands.

Make certain that when you swing the golf club you’ve little movement in the wrists of yours. To prevent any unwanted wrist movement, point your left thumb down the shaft of the golf club. Experiment with swinging a few times to make certain that your wrists are actually locked.

Lots of people play with a golf glove for the simple fact that it is going to give you a bit of an edge; not to mention it prevents the hands of yours from getting sore and ripped up. A golf glove is going to help to improve the grip of yours and allow you to determine the most comfortable position to hold the club. Always be sure you’re holding the club properly and the game of yours will improve dramatically.

Another tip I could give you is actually make certain that the clubs you play with are actually the correct size for you. To test this, stand the club straight up and down; it should come up to the waist of yours. Remember to always keep your head down when swinging at the ball or else you are going to have a terrible shot each time.

5 Other Simple Tips to Holding A Golf Club Properly

Truth be told, the golf game of yours depends greatly on the way you hold the golf club of yours. Probably The slightest change in the hands of yours, or perhaps even the fingers of yours, can change the way your ball flies.
These suggestions are going to guide you through the proper way to hold the golf club of yours, which means you are able to ensure game play to the benefit of yours.

1. Position the head of your golf club to face the hole. The head must be square with your target hole.

2. If you’re right handed, you need to hold the club in the left of yours, and vice versa for lefties. The club is going to rest across the bottom of the fingers of yours, just above the palm. The V formed by your forefinger and thumb will be pointing toward the right shoulder of yours.

3. Put the right hand of yours on the handle, covering your left thumb with your best one. The club should be laying diagonally across the hands of yours on the right hand of yours. Closer to the palm by the ring finger of yours, further out by
the index of yours. Be sure the v made from the index fingers of yours and thumbs on both hands are actually parallel to one another.

4. Lower the club of yours like you’re prepared to swing. Do not give it the death grip! Hold lightly, throughout the swinging process.

5. The fingers of yours should guide the shot of yours, not the palms of yours. Fingers are much more delicate, and therefore give you much better control.

Today, you’re prepared for the best swing on the green! Get out there and show off what you’ve learned but more importantly practice what you’ve learned and make it yours.

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