The Top 5 Stupidest and Worst Golf Rules Ever!

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The Top 5 Stupidest and Worst Golf Rules Ever!

What are the worst rules of golf? In this video, we go through the top golf rules that must be changed. What rules to you want to see fixed? 

Although many people say “You can’t FIX stupid,” there are some very stupid rules in golf that definitely need to be fixed!

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Insiders of golf absolutely love to say it is not hard to master the rules of golf since there are just thirty-four of them. However, although there are actually just thirty-four golf rules, every rule has little sub-rules and decimal points designated by numbers along with other sub rules designated by lower case letters. Additionally, the Rules of Golf guide doesn’t have thirty four pages, it’s 215.

Then there’s a whole different publication, Decisions on the Rules of Golf, to assist us in understanding, as well as use the rules of Golf. That other guide has much more than 700 pages.

The rules are loved by GoldKeyGolf, usually anyway. They create game fairness, and they also appear to think of anything that might occur holding a golf course. They even enable you to score much better.

I listen to many discussions on the inflexibility on the Rules of Golf. I listen to many discussions on integrity” and “honor, then the exact opposite aspect of this coin with “stupid as well as inflexible” on particular rules. And circumstances that have taken place on the expert golf tour feed as well as fan this debate a lot much more.

An example is actually Roberto De Vicenzo’s tragic loss on the 1968 Masters. Precisely why did he drop this Major? He signed the incorrect scorecard. Look at the latest disqualification of Jim Furyk originating from a FedEx cup event since he overslept as well as missed the Pro Am component of the golf competition. The two of these point out examples which will make occasion the ardent golf traditionalist issue issues.

And personally I believe that perhaps it’s time for the R&A and the USGA to check out issues. One instance which I constantly quote about the rules is actually the principle which says in case you ball movements for any reason while you’re addressing it, that’s a penalty. This principle appears a bit insane to me. And I’m a huge traditionalist with regards to the game of golf.

So the thing that makes sense? Well I am going to leave it to the supreme “experts” within the golf earth to find it out, though I do have a couple of ideas on the issue.

I believe it’s some time to add a bit of good sense to the mix. I believe that you will find a variety of items that could be completed and that will not impact the integrity of this sport. The rule that i pointed out on ball movement as the golfer is actually addressing it might be modified. Here’s another example: In case you ground the club of yours while inside a hazard, it is a penalty. And it does not change anything whether you’re anywhere near the golf ball of yours.

I realize the objective of this particular rule. It is to keep a golfer from raising his or maybe the lie of her in a sand trap for instance. So absolutely no grounding your golf club to stop us from setting up a much better lie for the heel. OK that makes excellent sense. But in case I’m in the exact opposite conclusion of the capture and only occur to touch the sand with the golf club of mine, must I be penalized? This particular kind of thing is exactly where I feel that the rules might be modified as well as bring some good sense into play.

Will this, actually, happen? Who knows? Though I did discover it good the PGA suspended the principle that got Furyk in difficulty to be looked at additional. Great for them! At least there’s a bit of recognition that things have to be checked out. Now this particular scenario isn’t formally a rules circumstance, it’s a PGA rules violation, though I feel that the idea is actually the same and I am hoping that the thinking will change to the guidelines and prod the “powers which be” in golf to have a look.


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