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In this video I test the 4 stock shafts from Titleist in their new TSi3 Driver to see what the differences are in performance.

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How Your Golf Handicap Is Actually Limiting Your Potential

Golf players what is your handicap? This is probably a very easy concern for the majority of passionate golfers to address yet did you recognize your response could be the important things limiting your success on the fairway? Check out on to find just how your golf handicap might really be handicapping your performance in golf.

Another Friend Ends Up On The Losing Side Of A Good Deal On A Golf Cart!

Weekly, we see or read about “the bargain” supposedly of a good friend or next-door neighbor that winds up not being such a bargain when uncovering how much the fixings are going to set you back in order to be able to use the golf cart. An additional sucker, I mean sympathetic individual joins the group of let down individuals who thought they were getting a swipe of a bargain after purchasing a low-cost golf cart.

Golfers – How to Talk to Yourself In the Morning To Create More Success

One point that unifies all the greats in golf is a favorable attitude. This post instructs a simple everyday mental physical fitness exercise for golfers that will assist increase self-image, establish a positive attitude, guide the mind to success. Discover exactly how to encourage your mind by developing a self-talk script.

Why It May Be Best Not to Emulate the Professional’s Putting Stoke

Watching old film of golfers of half a century ago and even more and also contrasting it to the putting stroke of golf enthusiasts today, we can see that normally speaking rather a lot has actually altered. Today we see the lengthy pendulum stroke where there is really little wrist action as well as the energy of the stroke comes primarily from the shoulders.

Putting a Golf Ball – Body Alignment Versus Putter Alignment

I am mosting likely to break what lots of people that give guidance on placing presume as almost accepted knowledge. An excellent bargain of what you review concerning consistent putting is that you should have your feet, hips as well as shoulders perfectly alongside the target line. This seems to be one of those things that are so obvious that little actual reasoning is offered regarding why.

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