TONS of Tips to Improve Your Golf Swing

Hit from the inside tricks which pros use. In this video we show you how to deliver the club from the inside consistently to hit straight shots and draw shots. These tips will help you achieve a consistent in-to-out or in-to-in swing path. It will also help you to get rid of the over-the-top move and the slice shot in golf.

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TONS of Tips to Improve Your Golf Swing

If you are searching for tons of tips to improve your golf swing, regardless of whether you are a novice at the game of golf or you have been playing it for years, you will know how frustrating it can be to make a clean and straight shot at the golf tee.

As with most things, there are a few small intricacies that a golfer should know when it comes to fine tuning and improving their swing.

It’s easy to make the mistake of believing many golfers who believe that the more power and force they put behind the impact of their swing, the further the ball will travel. On the other hand, smacking the ball with a huge amount of force will only result in both a decreased shot and a ball that will veer off in the wrong direction.

Also, too much power might actually cause you to miss the ball altogether, which is an embarrassing mistake no golfer needs to make.

These mistakes are usually caused by a misplacement of power. Most common mistakes include all your strength in your lower extremities rather than distributing it evenly throughout your torso and hips.

The golf swing basics start with a movement that requires you to keep a certain degree of fluidity, almost like dancing, and you will need to get the power balance correct from the minute your step up to the ball in order to get the right outcome at the end of the swing.

So, instead of concentrating all of the power into your arms, try to maintain a steady but somewhat relaxed pose or stance.

Shift a bit more power into your torso and hips so the movement of your body reflects the movement of the club on the upswing and downswing. You will be surprised at the difference this will make when the club makes contact with the ball.

Even the smallest changes in your posture, your grip, your positioning above the ball, your swing or your follow through can make or break a shot – or an entire game, for that matter.

Golfers spend years trying to get their form right, but sometimes it is just a matter of returning to the basics.

You should place your right hand more relaxed and your left hand tighter for a fuller grip. Stand behind the ball and view the line to the target and select an appropriate club.

Stand facing the ball. Rotate your left shoulder until it is perpendicular with the target line. Take a small step to the left with your left foot. Keep both feet together.

Make sure that the distance between you and the ball is about three-quarters of the length of your arm.

Take a small step forward with your left foot in the direction of your target. At the same time, take a backward step with your right foot. Make sure both of your feet maintain a shoulder-width distance between them at all times.

(1) Position yourself in a forward press. (2) Begin by directly placing both hands directly over the ball and then (3) move them in front, below the ball.

Make sure to keep the club head back straight to your back-swing, keeping it in line with the ground during the entire swing.

Keep the  eye contact with one point behind the ball, just a bit above the equator of the ball.

Slow Down

According to Lucas Wald, a professional golfer who has turned into a golf teacher, it’s about creating speed in your swing, which equals distance, but making sure you take your time to get there is mandatory in perfecting your swing, which is one out of 10 of our recommended golf swing basics. You may be aware of an old adage that says slow and steady wins the race, but the same theory can also be applied to your golf swing.

While it is true that you need to move at a fairly rapid speed when you avail yourself of your swing, especially on the downswing, you also need to make sure that you are not moving so quickly that you have missed some of the essential movements and or are standing in the incorrect position.

When you approach the ball to take your moment of opportunity to take your shot, always take a moment to observe your surroundings, the direction of the wind and any glare from the sun that might be in your eyes. You might want to use this time to adjust your position accordingly, or to put on some sunglasses because it helps you see the ball clearly and the target in front.

In addition, allow yourself enough time to get your basic golf swing posture exactly right, then run through the sequence of movements in your head before putting them into practice. Taking some time to slow down and pay more attention to your swing will definitely help you ensure that your swing is as effective as possible.

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