Tour Striker Smart Ball Review

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Tour Striker Smart Ball Review


You don’t need to spend much time on the range before you will find a player putting a glove under one of their armpits or pinning a ball between their forearms.  These classic drills can be seen all over the place: your local range, the PGA Tour, etc.  Well, the reason they work is because they are highly effective and they’ll work even better when you use Martin Chuck’s latest training aid, the Smart Ball.

The Product

The item itself is actually an inflatable ball connected to an adaptable lanyard. The ball just takes a few minutes to inflate – not a tough task for all quite short of breath – and it is all very intuitive. You just put the lanyard around the neck of yours and tighten up it until the heel rests between the forearms of yours. At that time, you just make swings while trying to keep the ball between the forearms of yours. When you are finished, deflate the heel and get back it to your golf container.

Does it work?

It is effective, and simply so. A classic…’why did not I think of that?’ creation.

We have noticed individuals who do variations of this particular drill for many years, although it was generally quite a bit of a struggle.

It was difficult to locate a ball which was the correct size, plus inflating it absolutely was a pain and, of course, if the heel dropped out of the arms of yours you’d to chase it lower.

The Tour Striker Smart Ball removes all of those issues, and is actually small enough to place inside your golf container.

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The main goal of the training aid is actually keeping the ball in between your arms through the swing…this guarantees that your arms are actually working together.

It is harder than it appears; therefore, start off with a number of half-swings before moving to the older shots, though you will rapidly obtain the hang of it.

It feels very good to have your arms running together. You are able to also make use of the Smart Ball for placing training.

Set-Up & Ease of Use

A product called the Tour Striker Smart Ball   consists of a small inflatable ball and a lanyard.  Although it is preferred that the ball be used inflated, it can also be used deflated, which depends on the drill at that moment.Changing the length of the lanyard is extremely simple, so your Smart Ball is designed to be as easy to use as possible.


The three drills provided by this golf ball are useful, as they challenge the following positions: ball between the arms, glove under the right arm, and glove under the left arm.  The question, then, is which benefits does this ball provide for you?

Let us begin by addressing the “glove under the arm” drills first. Perhaps one of the smallest benefits of using the Smart Ball is that you don’t have to bend over to pick up your glove after each swing.  This isn’t a game changer, but it is always good to remove a disturbance from your practice session. The thing that the Smart Ball does that is good for feedback is that it enhances the sensation on your fingers when you lose your connection.  In golf, the golf swing happens very fast that it’s easy for your arm to fly loose when you are hitting the ball. With the Smart Ball system , not only will you feel the ball drop out of your armpit, you will also feel a little tug on the lanyard, alerting you that your arm is easily disconnected from your body.

There is another benefit for those who practice the “ball between arms” drill with a Smart Ball.  With a speed training ball, you still get the benefit of not having to pick something up after each swing and getting more feedback, but you also get a ball that is the perfect size and not too heavy.  While there are literally dozens of devices that you can do this drill with, many of them are either too big, not heavy enough or too small.  If they are too big or small, they ruin the structure of your arms, thus defeating the purpose of the drill.  If they’re too heavy, they introduce an unwanted influence on the drill swing resulting in a compromise of the technique.

Overall, the Tour Striker Smart Ball is not trying to reinvent the wheel, but rather, it is working to perfect it, and it does that job very well.


I didn’t find much negative to say about the Tour Striker. One potential drawback was its limited uses. On the other hand, the drills performed with the Smart Ball are truly elevated by it, and the Smart ball is really small and easy to keep in the bag.

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If you’re one of the tens of thousands of golfers working to fix the structure of your arms, do yourself a favor and pick up the Tour Striker Smart Ball.  This simple training aid makes classic drills easier to do, and more effective.


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